2010 Grant Recipients


Resource-Service-MinistryMission: “Spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ through improving the living conditions of the elderly poor, mostly widows.” James 1:27

Purpose of Ministry: Resource Service Ministries (RSM) is a 501 (c)(3) evangelical Christian ministry whose purpose is to see low-income senior homeowners’ living conditions improved so they can live out their remaining years in their own home in comfort and safety.

How was the OHS grant used?  

RSM was able to use the OHS grant to purchase a new insulation blowing machine, to buy new state-of-the-art weatherization testing equipment, to purchase a utility van for one of our furnace crews, and a 15 passenger van to transport our widows and summer youth.

Volunteer opportunities:

  • Paint the exterior of a widow’s home
  • Yard work for our widows
  • General visitation of our ladies
  • Transport our widows to our monthly Widow’s Prayer Meeting
  • Sponsor a meal for our monthly Widow’s Prayer Meeting
  • Summer Youth construction trainers
  • Summer Youth mentors

Website address: www.rsmin.org


No-Longer-BoundMission: Rescue Addicts. Regenerate Men. Reconcile Families.

Purpose of Ministry: Provide a place of refuge for men who suffer from addictions.

How was the OHS grant used?

The grant money was used to purchase a wrecker for cars4recovery, remodel our administrative offices, purchase computers for NLB Studios and build out our thrift store. The funds have assisted us to be 75 percent sustainable.

Volunteer opportunities:

  • Thrift Store 
  • Property Projects 
  • Distribution Center 
  • Marketing Department

Website address: www.nolongerbound.com