2011 Grant Recipients


GilgalMission:  Educate, equip, and empower women to embrace a future free of drugs / alcohol utilizing their fullest potential in a God-honoring way through day treatment, counseling, and life skills development.

Purpose of Ministry:  Gilgal, Inc. is a Christ-centered Georgia Nonprofit Corporation providing transitional housing, drug education and life skills development for women in crisis.  Gilgal’s programs are uniquely equipped and staffed to aid homeless women in their resettlement and independence.

How was the OHS grant used?  

The OHS grant provided transportation, in the form of a 15-passenger van, for our residents to attend church, events, and other appointments.  

Volunteer opportunities:

  • Gardening
  • Tech center/Computer lab 
  • Fundraising
  • Financial mgmt / budget counseling
  • Lead or Resource Volunteer
  • Legal / AccountingOffice assistance
  • Meal provision
  • Interview skills
  • Counseling/listening skills
  • Board / Advisory Council
  • Speaking / Information fairs
  • PR/Marketing
  • Newsletter layout/editing
  • Photography for events/press releases
  • Events management / assistance
  • Moving help/ w/truck?
  • Repairs / Maintenance 
  • Carpentry / construction
  • Languages other than English
  • Training adults  

Website address: www.womenofgilgal.org


kindred-spiritName of Ministry: Kindred Spirit, a Christian Residential Home for Pregnant Teens.

Mission: Kindred Spirit’s mission is to welcome pregnant teens with the unconditional love of Jesus Christ and receive them into a safe, supportive, and nurturing residential home environment, where they can experience God in all aspects of life.  Working with community partners, we focus on educational fulfillment, parent and birth training, faith development, and life planning to assist young women as they grow in the next phase of their journey in God’s grace. 

Purpose of  Ministry: Kindred Spirit was formed to reach out to pregnant teens so they may experience God’s love through living in a family style home and sharing community with Christian staff and volunteers.  The teens stay in this residential care home where they learn the necessary skills to prepare for whatever comes next – whether they decide to parent or place their baby for adoption.  The young women are offered emotional, spiritual and community support while receiving training and services designed to meet their short- and long-term needs.

How was the OHS grant used?

The One Hundred Shares grant was (joyfully!) used to purchase and service a minivan for use in transporting our residents to medical care, educational resources, training classes, social service appointments, church, community activities and organizational functions.  

Volunteer opportunities: 

  • Pray for Kindred Spirit
  • Join the KS Prayer Partners group
  • Help with meal preparation, tutoring, help take girls on special outings, organizing donated baby clothing
  • Help with occasional home improvements and yard work
  • Donate tickets to fun or educational events
  • Provide office/secretarial assistance; social media or website help
  • Share knowledge about nutrition, cooking, budgeting, time management, couponing and dressing for success

Website address: www.kindredspiritfamily.org