Application and Submission Instructions


Important notes for grant applicants:

  • All grant submissions should be saved with the name of their organization (not One Hundred Shares).  As you may imagine, OHS receives many applications each year.  If any are saved as “One Hundred Shares Grant Application”, it complicates our organization’s communications.  Here is an example of how to assure the your application file is received: Atlanta Amazing Nonprofit OHS Application.pdf (or other file code).
  • All applications must have two signatures at the bottom of the applications.
For additional questions, please contact  2018 grant chairperson, Sandy Leonard:

 Please submit the following materials electronically along with your digital application:

A. Financial Information
B. Detailed operating budget for the current year
C. Detailed grant budget
  • Provide an itemized Grant Budget Request clearly stating how the Grant monies will be used. Be specific giving actual costs while detailing items and services to be purchased.
  • The total amount must show how $50,000, $75,000 or $100,000 will be used. Grant Request amount must not exceed half of applicant’s current operating budget.
  • Grant Request for advertising, marketing and salaries in total must not exceed 20% of the grant amount. Grant request must not include ongoing operating expenses, rent, endowments or capital campaign funding.
C. Comparative financial statements (audited if available) for the most recent two year period.

For example, if you are applying for a grant in the year 2018, we require comparative financial statements for the years 2016 and 2017 (if completed). These statements must include a Balance Sheet (a statement of Assets and Liabilities) and an income statement or Profit and Loss Statement.

D. Organization’s current 990 tax return
E. Affiliation with federal, public, or private funding sources (be specific)
F. Copy of 501 (c)(3) IRS letter approving your tax exempt status
G. Current list of Board of Directors, staff and their positions
H. Additional information, such as photos, videos, or news items may be included. Please attach these in a separate document and label descriptions and relevance to organization clearly.

Instructions for sending grant application electronically to One Hundred Shares:

All required application materials must be submitted via To do this, log on to at the following web address:

  1. Follow the stated instructions from Dropbox for setting up an account. If you need assistance with setting up an account, you may find information at:
  2. Follow the instructions on the DropBox help page for individual computer platform details.
  3. When Dropbox loads onto desktop, double click on icon. Dropbox will open a main folder file.  A downloadable instruction PDF file will appear in the main folder.
  4. Set up a new folder with your ministry name. Drag and drop your new folder into Dropbox (the main folder that has opened on your desktop).
    • The folder must be titled with some version of the name of your ministry organization (i.e., do not title it, “OHS Grant Application”).
  5. Send file to current grant chair’s email (listed above and on website )  with Edit Access, so that it becomes a shared folder which the OHS Board of Trustees can review.   Click the blue highlighted “send” box. Your file will be sent to the One Hundred Shares dropbox and will be secure.
  6. OHS receives many applications on our submission date of February 1st. We strongly suggest that you familiarize yourself with the process prior to the February 1st date.   If your organization is not familiar with DropBox and it’s procedures, please feel free to send a trial application earlier in the month.  The grant chair will be happy to assist you so that on the submission deadline, your application process will be simplified.

One Hundred Shares is blessed to consider partnering with you and your ministry organization!

Note: Deadline is midnight February 1. Once a grant application is submitted, the applicant is not allowed to make revisions of any kind.